Do you know that the electrical devices and building material that you sell are safe and of good quality – or do you think you know? The easiest way to make sure that the product is safe and of good quality, is to sell FI marked products. FI mark is granted a product that has passed thorough tests and inspections.

In testing carried out by the Authority supervising safety of electrical devices, annually almost 400 products with major or significant safety defects are discovered resulting into recall of products or sales limitations.

FI mark in reinforcing steel products verifies that the product is in conformity with Finnish building specifications and thus the building official approves without separate explanations that reinforced steel is used in concrete constructions.

Make sure that the importer of the manufacturer has obtained FI mark for the product!

Do you resell electrical equipment?

In electrical equipment CE marking is the manufacturer’s or the EU importer’s verification that the product fulfills the relevant European requirements. Nobody grants the CE marking for electrical equipment.

FI certified products are always in conformity with safety requirements of the relevant directive. FI marked products are also monitored on the manufacturing and sales site. Of this reason you can come across our field inspectors, who are making sure that FI marked products sold in shops have the right to use FI mark and they make an ocular inspection on the product to check the safety.

Do you resell building material?

CE marking on building material guarantees that the product fulfills the informed characteristics and safety requirements. However it does not guarantee that all essential quality requirements for building have been fulfilled, i.e. exterior features of the surface.  Of this reason CE marking should be supplemented with a voluntary product certification, FI mark.

In concrete paving blocks FI mark guarantees, that the exterior features and dimensions of the stones correspond with quality level normally used in Finland and that the climate resistance of the stones corresponds with frost endurance required by the Finnish winter.

More information how you can benefit FI mark in your advertising (only in Finnish and Swedish).