Kiwa Inspecta

Kiwa Inspecta is the leading inspection, testing, certification, consultation and training company in North Europe. It is a part of Kiwa Group.

Our services include safety as well as quality and they are an important part when creating an operating society. Kiwa Inspecta represents this –safe and sustainable society.

We are cooperating with our customers in order to improve safety and productivity: by minimizing risks, verifying conformity with standard and supporting customers in improving quality and procedures.  With the help of our services latent risks can be detected and prepare you for the unexpected before the risks becomes unnecessary costs, functional disorder or in the worst case personal injury.

Kiwa Inspecta helps its customers to succeed in their business – to become more sustainable and valuable.

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SGS Fimko

SGS Fimko has been testing products since 1928 and has become a testing and certifying company of international renown. SGS Fimko is one of the leading testing and certification companies in the electrical, electronic, machinery and gas appliance field in Europe. SGS Fimko is also active in Asia, where SGS Fimko and its FI mark are wellknown.

In 2000 SGS Fimko became a member of the SGS Group the world’s leading testing, inspection, verification and certification company ( In addition to FI mark SGS Fimko grants several other international certificates which facilitate your access to the global market in an efficient way.

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