Did you know that tens of products are annually recalled from the Finnish market as they have been found to be hazardous? And this is only the tip of the iceberg. In testing carried out by the Authority supervising safety of electrical devices, annually almost 300 products with major or significant safety defects are found.

In addition to safety defects significant is the quality of the products. Do you wish to make sure that on the building site of your house only building material of good quality is used? A poor product can be cheap, but after a period of time the costs due to inferior quality can be multiplied both in time and costs.

Manufacturers, importers and retailers are responsible for the products they sell. The easiest way to find out is your product safe and of good quality is to check whether the FI mark is on the products, its package or on the waybill.

FI mark verifies that the product is in conformity with the requirements of the standard or authority regulations and instructions. The mark is granted only after thorough tests. During the certification procedure the quality and conformity of the product is checked using testing and inspections. Preliminary inspection, testing and verification of the product are included in the certification. The production of the product is monitored with regular inspections on the manufacturing site regardless is the product manufactured in Finland, Italy or China. The right to use FI mark is always granted in Finland.